What type of online learner are you?

Different types of learners with their characters

A well research on the type of learners that what constitutes them as per our professionals

Learning has improved from the traditional classroom to online environments, therefore being accessible to a wide array of people making access to knowledge easy and efficient. Most importantly, the introvert’s students will find the online environment favorable compared to face to face situations.

It should be essential to soul-search and find out what type of learner you are to benefit from an educational resource provided by the online platform. There are different types of learners, social, Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.

The Visual learners

Visual learners learn from information being presented visually. In the traditional classroom, these are the kinds of students who gained from the use of PowerPoint presentation slides and visual aids. These visual learners are categorically divided into two visual-verbal learners and visual-nonverbal learners. The visual-verbal learners learn from information presented visually and written. While the visual-nonverbal, learn best when information is solely visual. These kinds of students prefer information to be shown in picture and design format; therefore, they are likely to be artistic. Online platform favors these types of students because the information is presented with graphics, visual aids, and engaging slides.

The Auditory Learners

These students benefit from listening to the lecture and listening to audio recordings. These students tend to remember information by repeating it loud and can mentally hear the way the information was explained to them. Online courses will incorporate courses that are audio-based that can be repeated multiple times by the student and also provide access to be shared, thus accessed offline.

Social Learners

The students do well in engaging environments where they are involved in group participation and collaborative activities. The online platform is great for these kinds of students because from introductory forums; students engage among themselves. Furthermore, tasks given to participate in group works helps them to be involved.

The Kinesthetic learners

These are the type of students who learn best when doing physical activity. They prefer online classes where instructors use class demonstration and simulations learning like 3-Dimensional graphics are ideal for them for learning. Assignments and courses that can be done, for example, in the lab, are helpful to engage these students.

Learners are different from each other, and these may affect their performance if the style of teaching does not suit their learning style since all types of learners either use visual or verbal and combination of both.


Online-based courses are ideal for all types of learners as they try to incorporate all the features that would suit them. To benefit from the online resources, however, knowing what kind of learner you are is ideal because you can pick an online platform that fits your learning style. Some online courses, however, might not provide you with the option of going through their teaching mode. If they are offering a course of your interest and you happen to sign up for a class, and the teaching style is not your style. There is no need to worry and fail the course, you can finally get someone in our platform, and yes, our answer is yes to your question,” Can you take my online class for me?”

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