Refund Policy

Check out our refund policy. Kindly note that refunds take about 2-3 days.

We are always at the forefront in ensuring that the work we deliver is not only topnotch but satisfactory to the best of your specifications as our client. We can however, say that not everyone might appreciate the work of our team and might request for a refund. Usually, money received is not usually refunded. A refund however is remitted under certain occasions:

1. In the event that you submit your work to be done and we can’t be able to find an expert to work on it. Hence no required research has been done; a refund is possible. In case of such an event, which is highly unlikely, you are entitled to have your money back.

2. A refund is also possible if you have paid for the same order twice, thus double payment. This erroneous payment is warranted for a refund.

3. Canceled order, we always assign our experts orders within an hour after all the order requirements are made. When you cancel your order within an hour, you get your full refund. As the time progresses, the refund also varies with transaction fees being considered.

4. Plagiarism, we regard plagiarism as a grave offense to learning and always aim for original quality work. Furthermore, after working on your assignment, we ensure that they go through a plagiarism checker to rectify any small mistakes that may lead to plagiarism. Considering we trust ourselves to give original content in case of plagiarism in your assignment, you are guaranteed a full refund.

5. Unsatisfactory work, we know that our work may not meet your desired expectations, and the case that you feel that the work done is unsatisfactory you are free to discuss with our customer care agents for a refund, but with you getting your refund you renounce your rights on the assignment, and we will publish it in our site, submission of the same to your institution will be considered as plagiarism.

Kindly note that all money refunds take up to 2-3 business days.