Pros and Cons of Online Education

Right way to understand the pros and cons of online education

Online education as overtime been embraced as the best alternative to conventional traditional classrooms. With the wave of online learning being incorporated anywhere, there is need for education. It is of no surprise that with its pros, it also has its share of cons. We will begin with the pros of online training which include:

Pros of online education


Online education is convenient as compared to the traditional classroom, since the student can access reading materials on their own. Furthermore, they are online courses which are self -paced; thus, you as a student can plan yourself to take these courses. Moreover, online education is accessible to all geographical locations; therefore, it is not confined to one area, making it available to all. In case the classes need a guest lecturer to share on a given topic, online education makes it convenient for them to do this, without them making travel plans to appear physically to give the lecture.

Cheap tuition fees compared to traditional courses

Online education offers a less expensive option for students to take online courses, and the course content is reduced from the regular traditional ones. Therefore, online learning provides you value by charging reasonable tuition fees at your convenience, reducing the costs you will have to spend on accommodation and food if you had opted to go physically for your classes.


Online education uses various media to offers its learning facilities, therefore providing you access to learn and boost your knowledge on usage of soft wares and other applications required for your course. Online courses also make it accessible through technology to be available in phones; thus, you can study at your comfort wherever you are.

Dynamic interaction among students and with instructors, as opposed to traditional classrooms where a student will attend the class, and the lecturer would not engage with all students. Online education provides an avenue for all students to interact with their peers and ask questions through platforms. Furthermore, in traditional classrooms where the student ability to understand the course is through the end of semester exams, on an online platform, students are actively engaged and assessed on their understanding of the course. Their engagement on discussion boards also form part of their grade.

Cons of online education

Technology cost

Students are expected to incur extra charges when setting up the computer and other additional soft wares. They are also required to have fast speed internet connectivity for their classes. The students are also expected to know many troubleshooting skills that will be of help while navigating through the school learning system, thus will be extra cost to the student who had no previous knowledge on technology and its components.

Lack of accreditation

Many online learning platforms offer courses that are attractive to students but are not accredited. The effect of such situations of taking these courses is once you are done, they are not applicable in the job market when you are looking for a job.

Prevalence of fraud

Many institutions have duped many students by offering courses at cheaper fees attracting plenty of students to apply for them, only to end up having been scammed of their money. It is vital for students, to make sure that before enrolling for a course, a thorough research should be done, to avoid cases of paying for a course that will never start and thus falling into hands of frauds.

Limited social networking

Unlike traditional classrooms where students have one on one with their lecturers, online classes have limited interaction with their instructors, thus building a stable relationship between tutors and students is low. Hence, guidance and network opportunities between instructors and students is small; therefore, lecturers will hardly write conclusive recommendation letters on an online education platform.

Online education seems to have taken its course, and with it comes its downfall that the students must consider before pursuing the virtual way. Online education might not be the best alternative for everyone therefore if in need of online education services like pay to take my online class” don’t hesitate because we offer services of all kinds as far as online learning is concerned.