Privacy Policy

Learn our privacy policy regarding your confidentiality as our esteemed client

The primary purpose of our privacy policy is to make sure that the information collected from our users/clients is kept private.

Personal Information

Before working on any first order from our clients, we will require personal information such as name, email address, and country of residence. The time that you as our clients access our website is also recorded, including the type of browser you use and your IP addresses.

The personal information collected will be part of the personal account with our website, thus registering in our system, their information will be useful in tracking their particular order. In case of an emergency, our customer support department will be able to reach out to our clients quickly through their contact information. Also, for our returning clients, their previous personal details will already be in our system; thus the trouble of giving out personal information over again is avoided, all they have to do is log in and fill the order form and just like that their order will be registered in the system.

We are very cautious and tirelessly ensure all personal information from our clients is safely stored on our server. We have further invested in reliable protection systems to ensure there is no breach of such information to a third party. To process payments, we prefer verified payment processors.

We guarantee the protection of our client’s personal information, and we do not share this information with a third party or organization. Access to this personal information is given to our staff, who are authorized only for processing orders. Only in  rare  cases, we may have to reveal personal information, like  in case of corresponding to law or  when we need to strengthen our company policies

Our team of experts will not get access to your client’s details, and thus when they work on your assignments or quizzes, they have no idea of your identity. It is with the same spirit that clients are not expected to share their personal and confidential information with the experts they have been assigned with. Failure to adhere to this rule, both the expert and the clients will face penalties that may include account closed and barred from accessing our website services and place orders.


All information collected from our clients is confidentially kept and is not shared with any third parties. All the data collected by us is for sole use by our company and not any other user. We inform you, our client, that all sensitive information we collect is not exposed to intruders. It’s our ethical duty to keep confidential information given to us by our users a secret. Information that identifies you as a user like email addresses, contacts, names, and any other relevant information as will be asked is kept for our use only.

We take privacy very seriously; that is why, we collect information from adults, and if we learn that a client submitting is not of age; therefore, is a child; we delete their profiles immediately. Only when parents and guardians request to review the deleted profiles is when we are obliged to honor their requests and work on their orders.

Maintenance of information collected

All the information collected is only collected at the will of the users, and they have to permit the collection. It is then strictly maintained by our team and can’t be shared. Only the users that submit the information can access the data from their accounts. We also adhere to internet ethics.

Cookies that contain demographic information, web movements, time spent, and related information are only utilized by our site and not shared as per our policy.  The data is only used for log in purposes like auto log in and payment purposes.

Legal Obligations and Information Disclosure

In case of legal issues concerning the collected information, the website can remit the data to a court of law that holds power/jurisdiction over the site. In this case, the law of the land is supreme, and we pride ourselves as a law-abiding company, so we will comply as requested.

Payment Details

A contracted third party is in charge of our payment processing; therefore, the information shared by our users is expressly given to the contracted financial handler. For the sake of our users’ privacy, the contracted third party is under strict instructions not to give out the same information to any other party.

Adjustments to the privacy policy

Our privacy policy keeps on evolving for the better, updates may be done on them from time to time. Our users have a right to contribute in the modifying of the privacy agreement. The updates will be communicated to our users’ form of reviews, and they supposed to go through and approve of them. Any changes to the system are directly transmitted to the users of our site. The updates happen regularly; therefore, our users should also visit the website regularly.

Links to other websites

In case you encounter links leading to other websites, those websites are governed by their own privacy policies, and we are not responsible for how their policies dictate. Therefore, our policies apply only to our site; once you leave our website, their policies apply accordingly.