Online Learning Platforms

The right online learning  platform to gain knowledge at anytime of the day

The traditional classrooms used to be considered as the best avenues for learning. Still, with the advancement of online education, various learning platforms are available. They are offering different styles of learning for your college courses or creative-specific, or if you want to earn a college degree. Here are some popular online learning platforms:


Udemy is a collective repository of online courses, with topics ranging widely on issues like development, business, marketing, photography, music and teaching. Lectures can include audio, video and text elements as well as quizzes. They are created and managed by the instructor. You can preview the courses before taking them to ensure they are in line with their expectations. Upon paying you get lifetime access to the course and students get certificates of completion at the end.

Skills share

These offer students with creative option of learning from numerous creatives and artists to teach it. The platform consists of a series of short video lessons with video-based courses like animation. It’s a membership-based platform and you can thus be able to access all the courses on the site. The site also has plenty of free classes to engage yourself in doing them.


It allows users to access university courses at a discount, and provides students with courses that may lead to a University degree. Courses on this platform are from a variety of universities and companies. The courses offered are regular courses, specialization courses, professional certificate and master track certificates.

Google classroom

Google classroom uses the standard G-suite office software tools such as Google Docs, spreadsheet and presentation applications, audio, video conferencing, not to mention Google Drive for online storage. There is free version available and the premium kind that you have to pay for.

Blackboard learn

Aimed at higher education training and learning with a cloud-based system that is designed to be responsive to the needs of different devices.

Open-ed X

It is an open-source content management system behind the Massive online Course provider MOOC-edX. Open-ed X is powered by more than many online courses from prestigious universities and businesses.


It is an online learning platform that makes, creates and sells online courses, membership and other digital products. Additionally, it provides unlimited classes, and offers a rich resources library and free tools for entrepreneurs who want to build their online store school.


It is a standalone learning platform that helps sell online courses, and offers built-in sales and marketing tools. It has various integrations with popular soft-wares, with a 24/7 support system.


It is a cloud-based education platform for real-time or self-paced training. Delivers live and on-demand webinars and it’s most popular for those who prefer live training. It also comes with course authoring with test and assessment capabilities and also comes with e-commerce features.


It is an online teaching platform that serves ordinary instructor. Teachable provides an easy and straightforward solution for uploading your learning content, customizing your online platform as with your school and communicating effectively with your students

In-depth research on the best learning platform on what each one offers, ease of use, pricing and customer support is essential, whether you are the instructor, trainer, creator or entrepreneur. The best learning platform, should teach you how to study for online classes. For students taking classes through these various learning platforms, it is expected that at the end of the course, quizzes are administered to gauge your understanding on the topic. These quizzes might be hard, and therefore they will be on the lookout for a solution with a question of “where can I find someone who can take my online quiz? “Good news is that we are a one-stop for all your online platform needs. Reach out to us to have your quizzes done.