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Definition of cookies

When visiting, we send one or several cookies to your computer, which is required by the Google Analytics system that we use to develop our site. Cookies are files that allow us to define the type of visitor’s browser. These files may also track visitor’s preferences as well as some additional data.

Why cookie policy

If you don’t want to make this data known to us and all the other sites, you can disallow your browser to receive cookies. However, bear in mind, some sites will not correctly function without Cookies, and belongs to them. We make use of these files to find out how our visitors use our website and draw up statistical reports to develop our service and make it suitable for all the students and visitors. In case we use the above-mentioned data in a way that is different from the purpose of why it was collected, we will ask for your prior consent. On no condition will the data collected for the above-described aims be disclosed to any third party.