Best online high schools in the USA

Enroll in one of the following best online high schools and graduate to your favorite college or university

Prestigious educational institutions seek to deliver the benefits of online classes; thus, they have competing top-edge quality courses, customized for their students. With online education becoming increasingly popular, most students seek to access the best online education only from the best school. There are a variety of top online school; here are some of the recommended best online high schools they include:

Davidson Academy

Accredited by AdvancED, it equips its student with the best quality education through its advanced-level curriculum. It is available for those living in the U.S. and Canada. The school provides a personalized learning plan, and students get to customize their learning. Online classes are run in synchronous sessions with responsive instructors and excellent peer communication. The tuition fee is free for Nevada residents and a flexible tuition model for those living outside.

James Madison High school

It is a private online school, located in Georgia, that offers two diploma options: The General Diploma program and College Prep Diploma. Online programs are flexible and self-paced. Students have an option to select either teacher-led live lessons, thus interact with their instructors. Moreover, programs are affordable, and students can make zero percent interest monthly payment.

Stanford University Online High school

It was formerly known as the Education Program for Gifted Youth Online School. The school uses interdisciplinary core sequence in Methodology of Science and Philosophy of science and the Rule of law and critical reading and Argumentation, and It enrols of more than 750 students from different parts of the U.S. and the globe. Admission to the school is therefore competitive.

 The University of Texas, Austin High school 

The school is a public school with distance programs for part-time and full-time students. Coursework is available 24/7, and submission of assignments is submitted every 1-2 weeks. All students are expected to pass with a 70% in a proctored exam.

Laurel Springs Schools

It is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). It provides distance education through its honors, college prep, and advanced placement courses. The school first identifies the student learning style before designing an academic plan based on the learning preference and ability.

NorthStar Academy

It is accredited by AdvancED and ASCI. It is a unit of the network of International Christian Schools. It was established to provide quality, accredited, online education from the Christian world view. The biblical world view is incorporated in all courses. It has enrolment from over 70 countries, with 60% being U.S. citizens.

University of Missouri-Mizzou Academy

It was created as part of the university’s Centre for Distance and Independent Study (CDIS). Students can access over 200 courses 24/7 online. The curriculum is developed by state-certified instructors, and its courses have earned awards. Its CoTeach Model allows online College of Education teachers to partner with face-to-face classroom teachers.

International Virtual Learning Academy

It is a private K-12 school that offers distance learning with self-paced courses in a diverse learning environment. It provides each full-time student with a success coach who will walk students and the parents throughout the school year closely.

Park City Independent

The institution offers fully online courses in the U.S. and around the world. Online students enjoy self-paced courses like Language Arts, Social studies, and many others like Mathematics without deadlines. The school offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and gives a full refund you those who find the programs to be unsatisfactory.

Whitmore School

Also known as CompuHigh, provides personalized education helping its student set their goals at their own pace. It allows enrolment of students to enrol anytime in the year. The school also offers a program called College Prep Track for students planning to attend a 4-year college.

The list of best online high schools is so many to choose which is suitable for you. Depending on your location, courses offered. Cost and flexibility of the high school you choose, look for those that are accredited with good quality curriculum. The subjects of the high school of your choice might not be easy as you begin your new year, and you wish not to fail in any of your academic year. You will, therefore, need assistance and will endlessly scroll through your web-pages, sieving through numerous sites with a question,” Can I pay someone to take my online class for me?” Yes, you can; we are right for the task with knowledgeable and experienced online doers of all assignments your school gives you.